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Our goal is to combine
profile pictures with a Positive message.

We are the Good Vibe Family. Surround yourself with open minded NFT lovers – The monkeys are calling for more love in our society and appreciation of planet Earth.

Join and become part of our family, let’s have fun!


Community is everything

We will only achieve these goals with a great community where people want to make a difference.
Let the monkeys cause a stir and make people think.

The Project

The team was founded by two brothers (AMA & Waalo) with Afro-German roots, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Their strong connection to Senegal has always made them aware of the great contradictions and injustices of our world.

They see the opportunity to use NFTs to spread the positive message of their art as a perfect way to communicate.

Together with longtime friends and their large network, they have built a team of people who share the same values and want to make a difference.



NoEvilMonkeys is a collection of 10K randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each artwork represents one of the world famous three monkey characters.


Each monkey sends its message in a unique way.

The randomly generated combinations of the elements lead to strong contradictions.

Each NFT is composed of 206 elements of 8 levels with varying rarities.

Some traits are rarer than others,
with some having very special characteristics that no one else has.

47… No Evil Elements
43… Heads
30… Eyes
29… Mouths

T-Shirts …33
Body …1
Ears …6
Backgrounds …17

No Evil Elements 47
Heads 43
Eyes 30
Mouths 29
T-Shirts …33
Body …1
Ears …6
Backgrounds …17



The main focus of this collection is education!

We want to support projects that work to make the world a better place.

We believe education is the key to a better future.

Our goal is to give children access to education and thus set the foundation for a better life.

In the long run, we see education as a requirement to successfully fight issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change.

We want to generate funds to support great and dedicated charities.


Our community is everything!

We are enthusiastic NFT lovers who want to break new ground.

We want to thank our community for their support and will create many benefits.

Every holder of a NoEvilMonkey profile picture will benefit from numerous promotions in the near future.

We will be giving away whitelist spots before the mintdate,
so follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server.
Let’s have fun!

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Mint Now







School in a Box

Donation of 5 ETH for “School in a Box” from Unicef and enable children to be taught via a mobile classroom.


3 x 0.5 ETH Raffle

Raffle of 3x 0.5 ETH among the holders of a NoEvilMonkeys NFT.

10 x Monkeys

Raffle of 10 NoEvilMonkeys among holders.




school project

Donation of 6 ETH for a school project consisting of wells and gender-separated sanitary facilities to the Neven Subotic Foundation.

The foundation builds wells and sanitary facilities for people in Kenya and Tanzania. This has a direct positive effect on education: Children attend school instead of transporting water for miles from remote water points.

100% of the donation goes directly to the WASH project without any deductions.


1 x special Monkeys

Raffle of 1 special NoEvilMonkeys among holders.

20 x hoodies

20 holders will receive a NoEvilMonkeys hoodie.




SOS Children's Village

Donation of 7 ETH to the SOS Children’s Village in Senegal.

The organization supports children, youth and families through kindergartens, youth facilities, schools, staff training centers, medical centers and social centers.


5 x 0.5 ETH Raffle

Raffle of 5x 0.5 ETH among the holders of a NoEvilMonkeys NFT.

20 x art prints

20 holders will receive their PFP as an art print signed by Waalo.




educational work

Donation of 8 ETH to nuruWomen e.V., which is committed to educational work, the organization of training courses for microcredit borrowers, and the granting of microcredits, especially for women in Ethiopia.


5 ETH for top NFTs Raffle

5 ETH worth of top NFTs like Cool Cats and World of Women will be raffled to lucky holders.


NEXT generation

We want to create a next generation of the collection to bring even more cool people together and to support more charity projects. Each holder will have benefits for future mints.

community activities

Along the way, expect great giveaways and community activities exclusively for holders.


Collaborations with great projects in and outside the NFT community are already in the works.


SeeNoEvilMonkeyArt was founded in 2008 as a local apparel brand in Berlin. We plan to launch a global merch store. All revenues will be used to support our mission.

Let’s make a difference!


Our team consists of people with different expertise
who are highly motivated to bring their knowledge and skills to the project
in order to create something great.



Artist and graphic designer with a penchant for perfection, former celebrity barber, keeps the rhythm, family man with strong ties to his roots.



E-com nerd and entrepreneur for more than a decade, proud father of 2 little monsters and a let’s get it done mentality.



International music producer, Songwriter from Berlin, HODLer, father of 2 girls who worked with world famous artists such as Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Aloe Blacc and Kelly Rowland.


degen & jpeg afficionado

Based in Berlin, father of 3 girls, serial entrepreneur, early BAYC holder, Changing the world Jpeg by Jpeg.




web3 developer

Based Web3 Dev in love with Smart Contracts. Exploring the world of GameFi. Eager to be crafting a memorable and gasfriendly minting experience for all SeeNoEvilMonkeyArt fans.



Berlin based Business informatics student with Pura Vida roots, HODLer, going through the world with open eyes.


Founder of 333 Club, NFT OG

We are a part of Zeneca’s 333 Club through which he is offering advice to us. He is doing everything he can to help this project become the best version of itself.

a cute and lovely 

art project
for the good vibe!